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 55 years of experience in all facets of the construction industry from both sides of the table. We have a unique perspective that allows us to represent companies and individuals throughout the building process.

Our services provide the greatest benefit when involved at the beginning of your project, serving as your schedule and cost control experts. We unify the construction team, coordinating architects, engineers, contractors and sub-contractors from pre-design to occupancy, eliminating your stress and worry over the day to day decisions - often saving a considerable amount of money.

Specialty consulting services are also available. Our unique experience allows us to offer services that are focused toward the relationship between governmental/institutional entities and private contractors. We assist the private contractor through the requirements of the governmental contract; bidding, contracting, building and closeout. When hired by the governmental/institutional side, we act as the owner's representative ensuring their interests are met at all times. Using our technical knowledge of both the private contracting industry and the governmental/institutional requirements, we create an environment where  everyone speaks the same language - where success can happen.

We pride ourselves in the ability to bring diverse groups together into a cohesive, productive unit, using communication skills finely honed throughout the years for success.

Benefit to you - save money and have peace of mind

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Erik K. van de Boogaard, Owner/Gen. Mgr.

FL CGC 1526021



With over 300 million dollars of construction under our belts, we can transform the often confusing world of construction into an exciting, purposeful experience.

  • We protect your project's success, your budget and your peace of mind

  • Your interests are protected at all times

  • Be assured you will not sign unnecessary or misleading documents 

  • We eliminate your need to deal with contractors, sub-contractors, engineers or vendors while keeping you up-to-date and 'in the loop' of your project's progress

  • Always know that you will be working with licensed and insured reputable companies

  • Quality assurance/quality control procedures are consistently audited

  • We facilitate all issue resolutions

  • Know we will strive to complete your project on time by ensuring that it is properly managed

Our construction expertise on your side

We incorporate our sound construction management principles into everything we do. Special attention is given to innovative and better ways to get things done. If there is a better, faster, more cost-effective route to getting your project done - we will make it happen.

Most importantly...


Listening to our clients is our best strategy. From the first meeting to the last, we are working for you! 

Let's get building.

Erik K. van de Boogaard, Owner/Gen. Mgr.

FL CGC 1526021



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