epoxy flooring

Epoxy provides a durable, glass like finish for interior floors.


Epoxy flooring can be a clear coat, pigmented solid color, metallic, or flake.


Clear coat epoxy is normally used as a sealer for other Concrete Masterpiece systems. Customization is achieved by adding pigmentation available in a multitude of colors and can also be color matched to your specific need.

Epoxy flake floors involve applying a base coat of epoxy and broadcasting colored flakes onto the surface to mimic aggregate. Pigmented or flake epoxy floors are normally used in garage floors and industrial areas. 


Metallic epoxy is the premier option for interior floors. Multiple colors of metal flakes are mixed in with the epoxy to result in a floor unlike any other. The color range is huge and colors sparkle like gold and silver. The finished product is a marbled masterpiece that can't be out shined. Metallic epoxy flooring is sure to be the centerpiece to your home or office.


Concrete Masterpieces is the expert at all types of epoxy flooring.