Concrete sealing

Concrete sealing closes the pores of the concrete to provide a stain blocking barrier that is unbelievably easy to clean.


Some sealers include: polyurethane, polyspratic, clear coat epoxy, and acrylic. All sealers can be applied as a clear coat, or pigmented to provide a solid color that penetrates and bonds to the surface. 


Unlike concrete paints our pigmented sealers will not chip up - it will only be dulled by the UV rays of the sun and may need re-coating in 3-7 years depending on if you choose water based or solvent based. Solvent based sealers last for 5-7 years before requiring re-coating, while water based sealers must be re-sealed every 3-5.


Whatever the sealer, whatever the job, Concrete Masterpieces will ensure you get the right product for the right application.