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Erik K. van de Boogaard, Owner/Gen. Mgr.

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What is an Owner's Representative? Or is it a Project Manager?


The term owner's representative is often used interchangeably with project manager (PM) causing some confusion to the layman. The short of it - they are basically the same thing; with some very fine differences. 


The PM manages a construction project - perhaps only one portion of a very large project, often hired by a General Contractor (GC).


The OR is hired by the owner. Their primary role is to see that the owner's best interests are carried out. They are part of the  entire process of development, including site selection, design, entitlements, permitting, and construction. They help with bidding processes, project mitigation, relocations and more. They are the liaison between the owner and design and construction teams.

There are many benefits to having an owner's rep on your team. Several are key to giving the owner what they really want - knowledge and control.

Key benefits


Construction, like many industries, has its own lingo. Project managers and architects will discuss the project, throwing around acronyms and phrases that leave the client confused and feeling uninformed. What can be worse than leaving a meeting thinking, 'What just went on?'

As your owner's rep, we are your personal interpreter. We thoroughly understand the language and ensure you have a working understanding, too. When you leave a meeting you will feel informed and in control.


It is not expected of everyone to know everything about everything. You may be a great CPA, a hard-working store manager, a successful investor - however, when it comes to the process of construction...? 

As your owner's rep we not only understand the process, we understand the rights, roles and responsibilities of all the team members. We know the scope of an architects commitment and everything that is expected from the contractor. We are the center cog that keeps the project running smoothly. 


We understand the language, we have a thorough knowledge of the process - these, combined with our construction expertise ensures the integrity of the contract(s) are implemented. Beginning to end, our job is navigating a successful journey to your completed project.

There are many ways to employ the services of an owner's rep.

Featured project

Grand Mesa Hall, Mesa State College Grand Junction, CO

Grand Mesa Hall, Colorado Mesa University

Grand Junction, CO

For  Institutional - Commercial - Multi-use projects

  • Conceptual Design through development

  • Project budgeting

  • Schedule and cost control

  • Bidding process

  • Jurisdictional reviews and project related mitigation issues

  • Unify the construction and design team

  • Reports and meetings

  • Eliminate your stress and worry over day to day decisions

For Residential - individual home/property owner

  • Having trouble getting permits

  • Did you get RED Tagged while self-performing work and now don't know what to do

  • Got an idea and just don't know where to begin

  • Started a project and now its way out of control

  • Need several types of contractors and don't know who to hire

Our construction expertise on your side

We incorporate our sound construction management principles into everything we do. Special attention is given to innovative and better ways to get things done. If there is a better, faster, more cost-effective route to getting your project done - we will make it happen.

Most importantly...

Listening to our clients is our best strategy. From the first meeting to the last, we are working for you!

Let's get building.                     Erik K. van de Boogaard, Owner/Gen. Mgr.

FL CGC 1526021