Decorative Concrete

Concrete is a medium that will take an interior surfaces and transform it into a masterpieceInterior concrete is quickly becoming one of the most sought after elements in custom home design.



OUR TEAM STRIVES TO EDUCATE our customers, and always listens so we can work together to bring your vision to reality. Where our competitors fall short is where we shine.


WE LOVE WHAT WE DO and take extreme pride in our quality control, superior workmanship, and customer satisfaction. Vowing not to leave your home until your project is something we would be proud to have as our own.  

We can add a unique, fully customizable touch to your home or business.

What makes us different.



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Micro Topping

Our go-to remedy for resurfacing existing concrete slabs. Micro-toppings are self bonding, cementitious, extremely thin overlay's that are used to create a brand new surface for us to develop your masterpiece.

Stamped Concrete

Stamping concrete involves the use of large rubber mats that are placed and tampered down on top of freshly poured concrete.

concrete countertops

Concrete Counter-tops serve as a replacement for traditional marble or granite counter-tops. The possibilities of concrete countertops give the customer almost unlimited design choices and complete control over their finished product.  

Textured overlay

Textured overlay's are similar to our thin overlays as they are also micro-toppings. The difference lies in the finish. We offer you a variety of texture finishes including: slate, flagstone, wood grain, and more. 

Stamped Overlay

Our stamped overlay is the service you need if you want a stamped concrete floor but do not want to bear the cost of tearing out and replacing your existing concrete.

Stained Concrete 

Concrete Staining can be divided into two categories. Reactive staining and non-reactive staining. This method gives a very unique look to your concrete.

Concrete sealing

Concrete sealing closes the pores of the concrete to provide a stain blocking barrier that is unbelievably easy to clean. Some sealers include: polyurethane, polyspratic, clear coat epoxy, and acrylic. All sealers can be applied as a clear coat, or pigmented to provide a solid color that penetrates and bonds to the surface.

epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring can be either a clear coat, pigmented solid color, metallic, or flake. Clear coat epoxy is normally used as a sealer for another Concrete Masterpiece system. It provides a durable, glass like finish for interior floors.