Construction Genes LLC is a licensed and insured unlimited general contractor.  With 55+ years  and 300 million dollars of experience in the construction industry, we bring a dedication to quality workmanship and a commitment to the satisfaction of our clients.

We have generations of builders in our family. Working with wood, mason, concrete, and steel. Our family's hands have created untold projects throughout 3 continents over 200 years.

This is not just a business...


It's our life.

Builders, Carpenters, Masons

3 Continents

5 Generations

It's in our DNA.

Concrete Masterpieces is a group of highly skilled concrete finishers that specialize in creating art with flat-work.  

We offer years of experience in the trade and immense knowledge of our craft; backed by the pride we take in our work and the commitment we have to complete customer satisfaction.

You can rest assured that you have chosen the right, trustworthy, people for the job when you choose us.


We combine top of the line products with top of the line service. Never do we cut corners or look for shortcuts. From prep work to clean up, we ensure that every step is taken to deliver you a quality finished product. Whether the job is big or small - 


Concrete Masterpieces is the premier choice for all of your concrete work.